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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

US Immigration by Origin at Birth

Source: National Geographic
Authors: Pedro M. Cruz and John Wihbey

Best Practices
  • Great use of explanation charts in the bottom left and right of the view
  • Visualisation uses a method that most people will be familiar with - ie looking at tree-rings to understand growth over time
  • Circular nature mimics the globe to show a logical direction to the immgrants birth origin.
  • Clear colour scheme but complementary colour palette that doesn't sway / demonstrate political opinion on migration
  • Great 'chunking' of data in decades (tree rings) and '00s of people as individual lines
Recommended Enhancements
  • Show a simple trend of immigration over time to suppliment overall migration patterns
  • Provide some absolute values to quantify migration numbers
  • Larger explainers as I needed to zoom in a lot on my browser to check what it was showing

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