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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Making Sense of 724 Million UK Prescriptions

Author: Pooja Gandhi

Best Practices:
  • Great, minimal use of color
  • Alternating the background colors to make sections
  • Design guides your eye naturally around the viz
  • Terrific example of storytelling with data
  • Including a reference line for the average prescriptions per month in the bar chart
  • Amazing summaries inside the circles. Makes it feel like an advertisement and they really draw you in.
  • Great example of sparklines
  • The viz has great focus throughout, making sure to highlight what's important.
  • Using text to summarize what you're seeing
  • Neat idea to include the chemical structure of the two most popular medicines. Makes it feel scientific.
  • Using text size to accentuate the numbers and important points
  • Using lines to connect the different parts of the viz
  • Including context everywhere; this really makes it easy to understand.
Recommended Enhancements:
  • Include a more impactful title.
  • What does the shading of the bars mean in the first chart? Is that necessary?

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