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Thursday, December 24, 2015

1,052 Mass Shootings in 1,066 Days: This Is What America's Gun Crisis Looks Like

SourceThe Guardian
AuthorGuardian US Interactive Team

Click on the image for the full size version.

Best Practices:
  • Incredible storytelling with very few words
  • Great summary at the top along with a simple legend
  • Great use of colour; I like the red to represent death and yellow for injured.
  • Even more impactful on mobile
  • Using the people icons for the unit charts makes it feel very personal
  • Great layout; clean and easy to understand
  • Great example of an visualisation that works better because it's not on one page
Recommended Enhancements:
  • Need information on hover for each person
  • Possibly use male and female icons, but that might take away from the simplicity
  • Grouping the icons by 5s would make the larger shootings easier to count more quickly

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