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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bruce Springsteen: His Albums, Live Shows and Song Moods

Source: Tableau Public
Authors: Pablo Saenz de Tejada

Best Practices:

  • Excellent use of story points
  • The black & white theme captures the tone of Bruce perfectly
  • Great use of images
  • Good use of actions to display more information
  • Good instructions throughout
  • Good font choices
  • Good, consistent use of the red/blue color palette
  • Nice use of annotations
  • Good use of a calendar
  • Great line chart for concerts per year

Recommended Enhancements:

  • A few typos need to be fixed (Spanish is Pablo’s first language)
  • Add a viz on the opening screen
  • Change the concerts per country bar chart to a horizontal bar chart to make the countries easier to read
  • Make the # of songs controller on the last viz a type in; it doesn’t fit the view now

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