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Friday, June 19, 2015

Who has the Best Pitching Staff? ERA vs. FIP in MLB

Source: Viz of the Day
Authors: Owen Watson

Click the image for the interactive version.

Best Practices:
  • This is one of the most interesting ways I’ve seen to compare two metrics. It makes the magnitude of the variances very obvious.
  • Easy to compare across teams or stats within a single team
  • Nice use of colour
  • Good example of when to NOT start an axis at zero
  • Proper number formatting for these stats
Recommended Enhancements:
  • Too many gridlines breaking up the viz
  • Could use a better title so that it can stand better on its own
  • Team names don’t need to be bold (personal preference)
  • I’d like to be able to sort by either stat; this only allows sorting by ERA
  • Somehow call out the teams that have a higher ERA than FIP since that is significant
  • Include a defintion for the stats so that people not familiar with baseball can understand it easier
  • Make the viz slightly taller so that all teams fit in a single view

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