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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mapping the Dead: Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook

Source: Huffington Post Politics
Authors: Jay Boice, Aaron Bycoffe and Andrei Scheinkman. Research by Jason Cherkis, Peter Finocchiaro, Adam Goldberg, Mark Hanrahan, Benjamin Hart, Alana Horowitz, Melissa Jeltsen, Chelsea Kiene, Brad Shannon and William Wrigley

Click the image for the interactive version.

Best Practices

  • The animation is amazing and startling
  • Great example of storytelling
  • Using the color red is perfect because it represents blood and death
  • Super fast interactivity on mouse-over
  • Really nice bar chart timeline
  • Simple, yet tells a powerful story
  • Proof that vizzes don’t have to be complicated to be impactful
  • Providing a link to additional information
  • Making the data easy to access and download (i.e., transparency)

Recommended Enhancements:

  • Bar chart needs a scale of some sort

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