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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fishin' in the Mitten: Catching Big Fish in Michigan

Source: Tableau Public
Authors: Nolen Akerman

Click the image for the interactive version.

Best Practices
  • Well laid out design
  • Excellent story telling
  • Just the right amount of self-exploration and interactivity included
  • Good use of annotations to guide the reader
  • Nice font choice (with two exceptions…see below)
  • Clean design - I like how how removed all of the lines on the chart borders to reduce the noise
  • Good color choices (with one inconsistency…see below)
  • Nice touch to add the fish images
  • Highlighting the major points by making them big and bold (like the years since the record was broken)
  • I like the emphasis on the record in the scatterplot by making it red
  • Nice summary at the top of the records
  • Good use of coloring the months bar chart to double emphasize the frequency
  • Good tooltips, though I would remove the command buttons
Recommended Enhancements:
  • The map bubbles change colors for some reason when you select a different fish. The color does not signify anything that I’m aware of, so a single color should be used for all fish.
  • The text on top of the bars in the bar chart are a different font. This is the only font inconsistency.
  • The font in the scatterplot looks like Arial which doesn’t match the rest of the viz.
  • The decimal places are over-precise. One decimal place would probably be fine.
  • The horizontal bar charts in the middle are set to “fit entire view” which cases the bars to not look so good when there’s only one in the list. I like to ensure all of my bars have the same thickness.

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