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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Under the Knife: The Effects of Tommy John Surgery

Source: Tableau Public
Authors: Matt ChambersMatt Cobb 

Click the image for the interactive version.

Best Practices

  • Great logo at the top left with the knife!
  • I really like the picture of Tommy John on the right, since he’s the basis for the story.
  • Nice before and after summary
  • Being able to pick a pitcher and see how he did before and after and still be able to compare to the overall population
  • Showing the selected pitcher within the scope of all pitchers (as seen by the gray dots)
  • Using blue and red for the lines since those are the official colors of Major League Baseball
  • Viz is uncluttered; they removed all of the gridlines and borders from the charts
  • Writing out the description of the stats instead of using the abbreviations; this is great for people that don’t know baseball stats

Recommended Enhancements:

  • It would be amazing if the picture of Tommy John changed to the pitcher selected, but that’s nitpicky.
  • The red text in the summary section on the left is hard to read on a dark background; I would have used white text.

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