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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Day in the Life of a NYC Taxi

Source: NYC Taxis - A Day in the Life
Author: Chris Whong

Click on the image to go to the interactive version.

Best Practices:
  • Technically this is outstanding
  • Beautifully designed
  • Dark background map fades away and bring the data (i.e., the trips) to light
  • Using green for the start of the trip and red for the end of the trip (aligns with stop lights)
  • Legend is easy to understand and is out of the way
  • Cumulative bar chart for accumulated fares
  • Summary table on the upper right
  • Using head icons for the passenger count
  • Color is only used where necessary
  • The option to make the clock move faster or slower is a nice touch
Recommended Enhancements:
  • Using green/red for the start/end of the trip won't work for color-blind people, but in this visualization, it makes sense to use them

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