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Friday, December 5, 2014

China's Urbanization Growth Rate

Source: Tableau Zen
Author: Mark Jackson (Tableau Zen Master)

Best Practices:
  • Excellent layout and overall design
  • The line chart does a great job of highlighting only the countries in the table. This makes them really stand out.
  • Making China wider in the bar chart immediately takes your attention to it
  • Labeling the ends of the lines and removing the axis
  • Simple title
Recommended Enhancements:
  • United Kingdom is cut off in the bar chart. The country column should be wider.
  • Why are the US and Brazil slightly wider bars than the other white bars? They should be consistent.
  • Round the percentages to whole numbers. The extra precision doesn't add any value.
  • Remove the shadowing on the text of the years below the line chart.
  • When I click on China in the bar chart, I get a nice view underneath it. I would like to see China by default since that's the focus of the story.
  • Update the subtitle to be a bulleted list. This will make differentiating each of the instructions easier.

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